Washugyu Washugyu American Style Kobe Beef


Washugyu are a crossbred of the famous Japanese Black Wagyu and the finest American Black Angus. Washugyu are raised in State of Oregon in United States. In fact the name of this special breed, Washugyu has been trademarked worldwide.

Washugyu have been raised under the strictest of standards using proprietary feeding programs from japan that enhance the marbling and the flavor of the meat.

Our Wagyu Beef

Our Wagyu beef comes from American- bred cattle, using a custom Japanese program that carefully selects superior genetic traits (Tajima Wagyu), cross breeding them with the finest Black Angus cattle. They are raised on a strict feeding program, using the highest quality feed available in the market. We achieved this by recruiting one of the most experienced Japanese Wagyu Breeder/feeder, a man with decades of experience and knowledge, who has come over to the U.S. to develop and monitor these programs.

Since the breeding, feeding and rearing of Wagyu cattle are a closely guarded secret—even in Japan—this knowledge has not been available in the United States, until now. Using this knowledge, and superior feeding programs, we produce a superior product. Beef with marbling and flavor that surpasses any other domestically-produced Wagyu beef currently available in the United States. Unlike U.S. domestic beef, 90% of our Wagyu beef is graded Prime and has a USDA Beef Marble Score (BMS) between of 9 and 10.

Wagyu Beef

Feeding Programs

Feeding Type

Our 100% vegetarian feeding program consists of an all-natural, high energy grain feed diet. The feeding program starts between 7-9 month old. The calves are introduced to dry rice straw, which strengthens their stomach, allowing them to absorb most of the nutrients from the feed when they are switched to an all-grain diet. The Wagyu cattle are on this feeding program until 27-30 month--far longer than most domestic cattle in the U.S. Greater maturity translates to more flavorful and better marbleized beef.

Typical western cattle are fed on the most inexpensive rations available, and harvested at 20-22 months of age, with the goal of producing a faster, cheaper product. The finished product: less flavorful and marbleized beef.


Because our program has stricter standards and a higher quality than most domestic beef programs, our Wagyu cattle are certified Non-Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC) and High Quality Beef (HQB) by the USDA. These certifications demand the highest quality control possible. No hormones or feed additives containing hormones are used in the production of our certified Wagyu cattle. The feed our cattle receive is certified as providing them with the energy levels required by the USDA Quality System Assessment (QSA) program. Any time this ration is changed, the USDA re-approves it*.

Our company is 1 out of only 11 Wagyu breeders in the U.S. granted these certifications. This combination of breeding, feeding, quality control, and USDA certification, means we can guarantee 100% traceability from ranch to fork. And, our stringent hygiene management controls are among the best in the world, which mean you can comfortably enjoy each bite of our high quality beef.

*When the cattle are exported to the European Union, the paperwork includes documentation of this ration, and proof that they have consumed it for the prior 100 days. Without the NHTC & HQB certification no beef is allowed to be exported to the EU countries.


Mugifuji MugiFuji Premium Canada Pork

Exceptional pork products with unique characteristics.
Offering customers a unique experience, the best Quebec has to offer.

Many factors influence meat quality such as: genetics, diet, stress and slaughter methods. Lucyporc is recognized internationally and as a leader in its field by offering products of very high quality.


Female (Large white x Landrace) X Male (5th generation Duroc) = Mugifuji hog. Developed to yield fattier pigs with a high marbling score.


A healthy diet of different grains (barley minimum17%, wheat 15%, corn 40%, soya 10%), free of Ractopamine and meat and bone meal. Our meat is redder and our fat is whiter. Only one feed supplier.


Farms are close to the plant, methods of transportation reduce animal stress, animals have a longer rest period prior to slaughter.

Slaughter methods

Lucyporc is a hot-skinning operation, rigorous controls throughout the different stages to maintain the cold-chain and sanitary methods that exceed Canadian standards. Meat has a better pH, water retention and shelf life.

Mugifuji Meat

Japan Premium Beef

JPB is Japan Premium Beef. Japan premium Beef is a specialty butcher shop located at 59 great jones street. We have been here since 2009. When we opened the importation of Wagyu beef from Japan was not permitted. We decided to start our own farm. We cross breed wagyu and USDA black angus to make some of the best tasting beef in the world. Don't just take our word for it. Come in and try some for yourself.

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TEL: 212-260-2333 / www.japanpremiumbeef.com

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